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Anti-Glare Technology

Virtually eliminates reflections from indoor lighting and monitors for maximum transmission of the good light.

TrueFlex Technology

Our frames bend, twist, and conform to your head for all day comfort under headsets.

No Color Distortion

Our near-clear lenses use a proprietary technology that allows for full spectrum color index on all devices.

Long-Term Benefits

Clinically proven to improve sleep and productivity in addition to providing improved contrast, clarity, and comfort. 

High Quality

Lightweight, impact-resistant lenses with full and comfortable coverage. Also provides 100% UV protection.

Our eyes were never meant to stare at screens all day, so our blue light filtering lenses are only doing your eyes a favor and allowing for more comfortable and productive screen time. In fact, you can wear your MVG Gaming glasses inside and out; they offer 100% UV protection!

Best thing of all, our lenses are NOT built with a magnification, so you do not become dependent on them like other glasses on the market. 

What's up with yellow lenses? This is a great question. One of our favorites. There are dozens of “yellow and orange lenses” out in the marketplace making all sorts of claims and distorting your color perception. While we agree that a totally clear lens cannot block an impactful amount of blue light where it matters most, the lens definitely doesn’t need to be that yellow. Sometimes the yellow is done for looks, and many times it’s done because that is the old-fashioned approach to blocking blue light. Generally speaking, those yellow lens aren’t blocking the right blue light at the correct wavelength. 

Gamer Advantage glasses offer a near-clear lens that does not distort color while wearing them. 

We also use a green anti-reflective coating on both sides of the lens to reduce glare, which in some lighting can look slightly yellow. 

If you are asking yourself, “Do I need gaming glasses?”, then chances are you are either experiencing some type of symptom due to overexposure to blue light, OR you just want the internet to make up your mind for you. So, let us help you a little. Do you want to be the best possible version of yourself while gaming? Then the answer is yes, you need gaming glasses. We want you to WANT gaming glasses because you don’t remember a life of gaming without your MVG Gaming Glasses.

Headaches are just one of many symptoms MVG lenses help with. The headache could be caused by the blue light, or possibly caused by the insane level of frustration you are experiencing in the latest battle royale. Either way, our glasses can help.

Our proprietary lenses incorporate patented technology that specifically targets blue light at 455nm, which is where LED and digital devices peak. The lenses block out 41% of the most intense blue light so that you can still maintain exceptional color perception for gaming.

Our eyes are the trigger for how our bodies produce melatonin. Blue light at the 455nm tells our brain when to start and stop melatonin production. Blue light from LED’s, especially at night, disrupts our sleep pattern by telling our brain we are outdoors in the sun. MVG lenses are clinically proven to regulate melatonin production, diffuse the confusion your brain is experiencing, and improve performance, so you can Play Hard and Sleep Hard.

Beware of “gaming glasses” that make claims without having the right tech to help you. MVG lenses target blue light emitted from LED devices at its peak, whereas many gaming glasses only block blue light from fluorescent lighting, which is an entirely different spectrum of blue! 


That's right, 1 year. If at anytime your MVG eyewear fail you, send us a message. We will make it right. Simple as that.

You should always keep your glasses in your MVG case when you're not wearing them. Always take them off with two hands, one hand on each temple (or arm). Never lay your glasses lenses facing down on any surface.

For optimal cleaning, always rinse your glasses off with cold water to remove particles that can scratch, then spray your lenses with an eyeglass cleaner, and dry with the MVG microfiber cleaning cloth. NEVER use paper towels, your shirt, or napkins to dry or clean your lenses. Never use Windex or other household cleaners.

**Hairspray can damage the integrity of your lenses, so we suggest taking your glasses off when applying hairspray and waiting for it to fully dry before your lenses come into contact with your hair.